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Karnasree Farm Developers & Promoters

Young Achiever and award winner Mr D.R.Shiva Kumar Gowda is the son of an Agriculturist and a Poultry Farmer, who started working in the agricultural fields at the tender age of nine. Recovering from a terrible natural calamity where he lost his dear mother, relatives and cousins to heavy rains on September 12, 1988, and virtually on the streets.D.R.Shiva Kumar Gowda bounced back to make his mother’s prophetic words come true. A couple of days before the tragedy, she had said "My Son, we must build and live in our own House.” After he completed his graduation, he started his business in Kolar and formed M/s. Karna Enterprises in 1987, under there guidance of Mr G.J.Raja, Managing Director of M/s. Maruthi Group of Companies, dealing in Maruthi Welding Electrodes and Automobiles Lubricants. He later ventured into trading of Industrial Gases and Accessories in Bangalore, under the banner M/s. Karna Sales Corporation in 1991, with his Smt. K. Malini as Proprietrix. The Tragedy had a lasting impression on him. Within five years, he successfully developed and distributed over 2000 sites under the banner of “Friends Developers,” thereby providing residential sites at affordable prices to the common man and that too on an instalment basis. Soon enough, he formed a company called M/s. Karna Sree Developers and Builders in 1997-98 under which he came up with successful residential projects in and around Bangalore.

He visited around 300 km in rural Karnataka covering various villages and attended to the needs of the poor, unpressed, depressed and suppressed communities irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Conducted various programs such as eye camps, blood donation camps, planting of trees for keeping environmental Eco balance. Cultivating the awareness with the uneducated rural people for being hygienic, epidemic free life. With a mission of fulfilling people dreams & passion for agriculture, With the support of his family, Mr D.R Shiva Kumar Gowda started “KARNA SREE Farms Developers & Meadows”. As a pioneer in residential & commercial real estate of Karnataka, karnasree has handpicked a team of professionals whose main focus is to create profits for customers who have channelled their investments into our projects with complete trust. At Karnasree, we work towards the common goal of generating maximized returns while maintaining ecological integrity. Our extensive experience in cultivating crops and our good network in the industry ensure optimized production and decent sale price on the harvest.

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