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ShaikhTech Limited

ShaikhTech is a Dubai based technology company involved in property tech, virtual reality (VR) / augmented reality (AR) technologies, mobility, IOT and robotics sectors and is the official distributor and partner for the Middle East and Asia with Matterport, the global leader in 3D VR technologies and 4k quality immersive VR tours.

Our view is that as the world moves towards greater automation and digitalization, the embracement of emerging technologies is a business imperative for every organisation. We provide digital solutions that are beneficial for numerous sectors with a special focus on real estate, tourism, hospitality, retail, media, design, trade, logistics and are honored to be part of Dubai’s Industrial Strategy ‘For The Good of Tomorrow’.

Our aim is to provide the best all-in-one platform in the market capable of the Spatial Data 3D Modelling experience and VR models / digital twins’ management. Our utmost priority in the process of delivering our vision for this project is to provide a quality product and service with continually growing benefits delivered through the digital twins of the built world such as the integration of IoT devices to help reduce costs, increase sustainability, improve measurement and control, standardize training, provide audit and compliance capabilities, and relevant to today’s times, help with COVID resilience across all your real estate assets.

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