Dubai Into the Future: Pakistan Edition:
Date: 9 September 2021
Time: 10 AM (UAE Standard Time GMT +4)
Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

This session provided in-depth insights from Dubai’s real estate industry experts and allowed attendees to network with top real estate agents in Dubai. From the detailed discussions and the thorough analysis about new market trends, strategies and opportunities in Dubai’s real estate industry, the webinar strengthened Dubai’s leading property investment platform for the best offers on Dubai’s real estate. The Webinar will feature an array of relevant topics such as:
  • The latest market trends
  • Investment opportunities
  • Great Real Estate Offers!
Pre Think Tank Group Leaders Discussion:
Date: 27 April 2020
Time: 12 PM (UAE Standard Time GMT +4)
Duration: 1 Hour

The Pre-Think Tank Group Leaders Discussion will gather the experts from different participating groups to discuss the various challenges that will be addressed by each sector as well as the objectives and expected outcomes of the event, as a preparation for the physical Property Think Tank Program to be held on 26-27 May 2021 at the Address Dubai Marina Hotel.

Past Webinars


Affordable Housing Market in Dubai

Invest In Dubai

The UAE RealEstate Market is one of the most resilient markets in the world, with various Key Landmarks, and numerous luxury projects, one tends to forget the prominence of the affordable housing market in Dubai. In the current scenario, are we seeing a growing interest in the affordable housing market? How is the sector fairing compared to the rest of the real estate sectors? We will tackle pressing questions with our experts and get to know the future of the affordable housing market in Dubai.

Understanding the Real Estate Legislations in Dubai

Understanding the Real Estate Legislations in Dubai

Dubai has become one of the world’s most attractive places to invest in real estate. As a regional investment hub, Dubai has developed its real estate market with strong  principles and reinforcing the position as a world class real estate investment destination. 

Developing Resilient Housing Finance Markets

Developing Resilient Housing Finance Markets

In any economy housing finance plays an important role in improving the housing conditions and good market for investment in real estate in a country. to create a sustainable and efficient housing finance system, and work on other building blocks of housing finance markets development.

Future of Dubai Communities: Redefining the living experience in Dubai

Invest in Dubai

The communities in Dubai are heading towards greener, connected, and sustainable living. The developers are building sustainable communities to promote the well-being of the environment and integrating seamless connectivity with residential, retail, commercial, and leisure destination into an urbane environment.

Why Invest In Dubai Real Estate

Invest In Dubai

Dubai has been a favourite investment destination for large and small investors since Dubai opened its doors to foreign investors. In this webinar, we will cover why are investors flocking to Dubai, how the government policies help further develop the Dubai real estate market, we will also be discussing the challenges currently faced and how Dubai plans to overcome them. It will be an interactive discussion covering the various facets of the Dubai Real Estate Market.

Reasons why Dubai Remains Unparalleled from the Rest of the World

Invest In Dubai

In preparation for the Digital Economy Phase that will Drive the growth of Dubai, Nurture Future Employment Skills, Shift Towards Integrating Technology at every stage of Production to ensure Business Continuity and Growth in the Future.